Partial list of Ethan Boxley’s compositions

Theme and Variations for Solo Violin
Original composition for Violin, Feb 2014
Recorded by the Playground Ensemble, August 2014

Sonata and Fugue
Original composition for Double Bass and String Quartet, Feb 2014
Recorded by the Playground Ensemble, August 2014

Myths, Original underscore improvisation for piano
Performed for the Fossil Ridge High School production of Metamorphosis by Mary Zimmerman
November 2013

Original composition for violins I and II, viola, violoncello and double bass, July 2013
Recorded by the Playground Ensemble, August 2014

A Lost Cause
Original art song composed for baritone and piano, September 2013

Crisis in the Hallway
Original composition for clarinet, flute, violin, cello and piano, Sept 2012
Premiered and recorded by the Playground Ensemble, April 2013

String Trio in the Baroque Style
Original composition for violin, viola and violoncello, May 2013

Saw You Never In The Twilight
Cecil Frances Humphreys Alexander
Arranged for SATB, May 2013

Fugetta for Organ in G major
Original composition for organ, January 2013

In a High and Far off Place
Original composition sonata for piano, April 2012

Chanson Triste
Original composition for violoncello and piano, June 2012

From Water Suite for String Quartet
Original composition for string quartet, Sept 2011
Premiered by Fossil Ridge High School String Orchestra, 2nd movement, May 2012

Variations on an Old Italian Song
Original composition for piano, May 2011

Original composition electronic music for saw lead(x2), square lead, charang, and calliope, April 2011

Original composition Chorale and Fugue for two pianos, April 2011

Rondo for Strings and Flute
Original composition for violin I, violin II, viola, violoncello and flute, January 2011

Fanfare for Home
Original composition for full orchestra, November 2010
Premiered by the Fort Collins Symphony Orchestra, January 2011

Character Suite
Original composition for oboe, flute, clarinet in B flat, and bassoon, September 2010
Premiered by various artists at the Colorado State Music Teachers Association Conference, May 2011

Sonata and Adagio for Piano
Original composition for piano, March 2010

Original composition for oboe, English horn, violin I, violin II and piano, September 2009
Premiered by various the Colorado State Music Teachers Association Conference, May 2010

Fugue for Easter
Original composition for choir, May 2009
Premiered at Council Tree Covenant Church, Easter 2011