Contemporary Music Ensemble

Evanston, IL, USA

Mary B. Galvin Recital Hall, Northwestern University

7:30 PM
Tickets are $6 and $4

The ensemble will be performing my 'Reflections on Water'. The peice 'Reflections on Water’ is an attempt to combine unmeasured chant with unmeasured improvised lines which are meant to imitate the rhythms and pitch patterns of streamlets of water. The luminous chords in the second half of the piece are analogous to moonlight or lamp light reflected off of lakewater. The premises this peice was conceived during a number of nighttime walks around the little lake beside Norris and Annenberg Hall.

Northwestern University’s Contemporary Music Ensemble (CME) presents exciting concerts of wide-ranging contemporary works. A one-on-a-part ensemble of approximately 20 players, CME trains students to take on this challenging repertoire while thriving in a large chamber ensemble setting. The ensemble also provides models for entrepreneurial careers outside of the mainstream orchestra world.

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Mary B. Galvin Recital Hall, Northwestern University 70 Arts Circle
Evanston, IL 60208